May 1, 2009

My Erev Shabbos this week.

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After Chatzos, I headed out to Meron to daven, put on my extra pairs of tefillin and recite shir Hashirim. This has become a regular practice for me slowly. Then I went to the Idra and smoked my pipe to elevate the tefillos of the week and sang some nigunim. While there, I was imagining how the Sages climb from the lower to the upper Gan Eden, Garden of Eden on erev Shabbos. I thought about how they immerse in the mikvah in heaven and are carried to their place in a chariot of royalty surrounded by the Malachim, angels. Then I thought about how even the angels start putting on shabbos garments and switching places in preparation for Shabbos. I imagined the flow of light coming from the Kisay Hakovod and sustaining everything in this world. I put out my pipe and returned home.
I just heard some torah outside my window and i went outside to catch it. Magevet, which is towel in hebrew is same letters as Mitzvah Gedola Lios besimcha tamid. Mikvah is gematria 151, add 4 for the letters and one for the name you have 156 which is gematria yosef. It is amazing what you can hear outside your window in Israel.
Good Shabbos

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