August 11, 2006

Friday Bombings & collecting for the poor

Filed under: Tzfat bombings — Reb Moshe @ 3:28 pm

Well we heard some 10 bombs fall in Tzfat today. I taped the front windows up as sometimes pressure from the bombs falling in the area can shatter a window. My wife tells me I will never be able to get the tape off the way I did it. Oh well, we need double pane replacement windows anyway. Boruch Hashem there is food for people being delievered, arts and crafts are coming next week that we arranged from America for over 500 families. Now we still could use toys for kids and the most practical thing, MONEY. I have raised enough to help about a dozen families with money but this is very disapointing due to the 200 families I personally know who need money. Hey but every bit counts and I am amazed how many people contributed though knowone person has come forward and given more then $200 cash. Cash right now is the number one way to help the people of Tzfat.

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