March 26, 2009

One Step down, 2 Steps Up

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Tonight at Meron, I was pondering why I have suddenly been taken from teaching Torah because of my busy schedule. Suddenly I realized that all my difficulties are related to the concept of humility. In order for me to continue to teach Torah on the next level, I must go down. Since I was with my friend who is the mashgiach of the Meron free gemach kitchen, I suddenly realized what I must do. I offered to help serve the soup and then I saw that I could humble myself more by putting out more plastic cutlery. Then I also remembered how important it is to server Tzaddikim, the Sages. Many of the greatest masters in Kabbalah would make sure to server other Tzaddikim in order to reach a higher level of bittle, self-nullification. So now I know what I must do in order to break this recent barrier of barrenness. I MUST FIND A DAY OR TWO TO BE AT THE TOTAL SERVICE OF A HOLY MAN. I’ve done this a few times when holy Rebbes that I am close with visit Israel. Now, I must seek out this privilege once again. So if your a holy Tzaddik, contact me today! I am ready to go!

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  1. B’S’D

    By serving a TZADDIK who is himself bittle one gains HASHBA’AS bittle. uber tzo der tzadik siz nisht a medraygah siz nah, un siz du nur, D’ein Sof HASHEM yisbarach


    Comment by Muttcha — March 26, 2009 @ 11:14 pm

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