March 15, 2009

Pray for me

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Please pray for me that I should be in a position to be teacher of Torah full time. I cannot express to you in words the obstacles I face preventing me from learning and teaching. The satan has gps on my every move and thought. We must defeat him and put him to the dust. Hashem gives strength to His people. If every ilovetorah viewer just gave .40 cents a month, I would be able to teach Torah full time.

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  1. Shalom Reb Moshe,

    There often seems to be a place of rest, which may be there before something which one believes one should do (and for good reasons), becomes practical.

    One should try not to go by ‘feelings’ about the situation or maybe about oneself.
    What I write might only partly be what you can relate to, also since you seem to have much energy. I just wanted to encourage you.

    If one ‘gives’ at many ‘places’ (you do this in a sense with Websites, with your Weblog, and video’s, and more), with much intensity, then one might receive energy from ‘giving’, but maybe also loose energy.
    It is important to receive some feedback and one also needs to recollect, pause, ‘invest’ in depth and in silence.
    To be wise with how much energy is spent when, does not seem to be that easy for everyone, since not everyone is the same,

    Some sound ‘common sense’ and some humor sometimes is also needed, I hope that you will meet those who have this kind of ‘wisdom’.
    People need this too, especially when society can be demanding, negative, inviting a feeling of insecurity and sometimes elements of society can transmit a feeling of incapacity

    Encouragements to you, please do not give up on your wonderful plans, although when you could do what you wrote might be postponed for a short while, May HaShem who Knows, give you rest and wisdom, so that you know better all the time how to ‘go about’.
    HaShem protect and develop your lovely teaching gifts, as well,

    Please remember that you just ‘being there’ is a comfort and an encouragement

    Comment by Lucy — March 19, 2009 @ 11:21 pm

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