August 9, 2006

I saw Lebanan Today!

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Tzfat is only 10miles from Lebanan. Today I had to go to Carmiel which has also been attacked by rockets. While there I had some business dealings with a few arabs, they too were taking cover during the sirons and they too are stressed from the war. Some of the homes in the arab villages accross from the Jewish Carmiel city are hit all the time accedently. From Carmiel I then went to Naharia. First stop of course, the beach. Not too worry, there was absolutely nobody there! I saw in the ocean materials which were either from pieces of rockets which fell in the water and went to the shore or actual material from the navy boat that got hit. I saw a lot of black burnt up metel. From there we decided to take the shorter road back to Tzfat which goes as close as 1 mile from the border. While on this road we heard bombs landing on Israeli soil in a distance. On the way we saw Israeli army trucks taking 100 small bombs. Most of the drivers on the road were army personel in uniform driving private cars heading too and from the border. We were tempted to go see the border already being so close but were satisfied to just see Lebanon in the distance. I saw a bit of smoke vapor from the fighting or maybe I imagined this, I am not unsure. It felt a bit like being in a video war game. Wow, I have just been in 3 of the cities hurt by the katusha rockets. Maybe tomarrow I should check out Kiryat Shemona? NOT! You feel the war more in these places as there are many more army trucks around and you can hear more explosions. I told my friend, it is good we came here, now we won’t complain when going back to Tzfat. Naharia is hit about 1/3 more often then Tzfat and with bombs, that makes a bit of a difference.

p.s. This is some great countryside up here, especially nearer to the border!

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