August 9, 2006

I am Happy!

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I wrote that I was depressed from the bombings in my previous post. I was trying to help people feel what life is like here living with bombs. A new day started, I am happy now, very happy. I’m already planning a day trip next week with the kids in order to take them to the Jerushalayim zoo. I have 3 boys kina hara.

Nobody volenteered after my previous post about needed help take the site to the next level (see there). Now this makes me sadder then the bombs. I have a singles site with thousands on it yet only one person in the last year has come forward to offer any help with it. It is tub b av, anyone want a segulah to get married? (i don’t get it, sorry, this singles site is for you after-all, sigh)


  1. I found your Video current events today, and it brought such joy to share your words and wisdom of Heshem. It made me realize that no matter Large of Small our problems my be, “My” true task is to Remember with each breathe that “I am Blessed”.

    Reb Moshe, I was so relieved to see and hear that YOU were fine. I am limited to CNN, and your 1st hand experience is Priceless! I am with you……

    My prayers are with you, Tzfat, ALL Israelis, and our Wonderful Military.


    Comment by Arlene Spring — August 9, 2006 @ 7:09 pm

  2. thanks, great post!

    Comment by moshes — August 9, 2006 @ 7:12 pm

  3. Hi I can’t find your previous post and not part of your site but we talked once by email on a technical issue and if you need any help and if it’s anything within my abilities I’d be glad to help.

    Comment by sultan knish — August 11, 2006 @ 5:08 am

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