August 8, 2006

Hate to admit it

Filed under: Tzfat bombings — Reb Moshe @ 1:47 pm

I hate to admit it but I am kinda depressed. I mean sirons are going on here the same times each day, you hear the missles hit and explode. You can’t exactly walk around haphazardly outside and there is nothing really open. You kinda just sit at home eating chocolate too sooth the pain while wondering when you will get your life back. When you ponder the events around you, you got to think, not for a very long time, unfortunately. Anyways, this is why some of our brethern go away for a least a few days here and there. As far as the Jewish nation, I think they just don’t get it, that 1million of their brothers and sisters live in bomb shelters. Have old friends called to see if I were still alive and kicking, no. Do I expect anyone too, no.

The reality is that I simply sit here alone with Hashem, too worn out to think properly about anything. I don’t really know how to server Him now as there is not much written about how to serve Hashem in these unusual times.

I know that my greatest friends are those around the world whom I may never meet and really get to know. They are probably the sweetest and best people in the world. Maybe I should do a tour just to meet you all?

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