December 3, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom, Spiritual Visions

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1. Spiritual awareness is something that grows as a person increases in holiness, purity and experience in traveling the spiritual realms.
2. When a person has learned well the spiritual experiences of Sages like Ezikiel, his visions become more real and accurate.
3. One can see the most spiritually right after the mikvah.
4. A person can see more clearly spiritually when in the presence of Tzaddikim.
5. First you have to rid yourself of ego through singing, joy in Hashem, your thoughts and only then are the Heavens open for you.
6. You cannot force spiritually, you have to invite it slowly and then raise yourself up, step by step.
7. Constant repetition and consistency is imperative in attaining spiritual visions.
8. Remove all doubt and connect to the holiness of your soul and see visions revealed from the soul itself.
9. When you are connected to the Shechinah, you are constantly seeing visions even though you may not be aware of it in your subconscious.
10. A person who sees things after selfish intentions, sees them with mistakes.
11. If it isn’t lishmah (for the sake of Heaven), don’t enter the higher realms in your thoughts as thereafter, you will find yourself in difficulties.

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