August 6, 2006

Shabbos bombings

Filed under: Tzfat bombings — Reb Moshe @ 4:27 am

Well I went out in the afternoon to the ari mikvah and sure enough when i was outside the sirons went off, i paused and decided to continue. Was a big test to be outside at the mikvah when they started to bomb a lot. So I went back in again in order to pray for the people of Tzfat and it was a strang feeling to hear them landing outside and see nothing and be in a small hut. So, I couldn’t help myself, i just started dancing in the mikvah and singing. Quite an unusual reaction don’t you think? Well I told a dear friend before shabbos who was stuggling that they need to just dance when they feel in trouble. So, guess what, it worked!

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