August 3, 2006

Our Differences become few

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Before the war, many were divided, Zionist and ant Zionist, orthodox and Reform but today during tish a bav we all stand before Hashem united. Normally it takes us three weeks to arrive at such a point but for the Jewish people, we arrived here when the war began, at the start of the 3 weeks of mourning for the Jewish people.

At this time, it doesn’t really matter where you were holding prior in your thoughts about the Israeli government and the state of Israel. Quite frankly, the Jewish nation was under attack and all Rabbi’s would agree that this means we must defend ourselves and protect innocent lives. It isn’t about the secular state anymore or how long your payis (side locks) are, it is about unity and caring for our fellow people.

My dearest friends, what is this test that we are all undergoing all about? Why did Hashem create terror throughout the world in this day and age? Let us evaluate the reaction a normal person makes after feeling fear and fright. They immediately break whatever ego they already have and pray to Hashem for help and they seek out assistance from their fellow. That is even someone they normally would never speak to our have dealings with. So here we have a half of million people from Northern Israel saying to their fellow Jews, help me in this difficult time.

When someone sees another in a state of fright, they went to reach out, hold them and comfort them. That is, even if they too normally do not act in such a way, especially with this type of person.

The point in the enemy in creating terror is in order to create an atmosphere of confusion and fear. To take a person out of their normalcy and disrupt their life. In this particular case, the enemy has been successful but not in the first case.

Fear comes from a lack of daat, understanding. For that matter, all sins stem from fallen fears, Rebbe Nachman teaches us this concept. Now love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. When a person feels loved, their daats returns.

The first reaction of the Jewish people was a lack of daats and confusion. This was immediately rectified when the Jewish people began to show their love for one another, reaching out to every Jew, no matter what. A half a million people fled the North region for safer grounds but every one of them had multiple places to go. The warmth of hachnasas orchim shown for the Jewish people. Then those who remained in their homes also found warmth from neighbors and friends from the south willing to assist them. Now granted, it took awhile for the people of the world to really see that we were suffering up here in the North but now that the final day of Tish a Bav has arrived, the warmth and love has come full force. Now my dear friends, is it not clear the purpose of this war and its timing?

Those whom lost their life in this battle, passed away in true honor as a Jew. They passed on bringing unity between the Holy One and the Shechinah, between Jew and Jew. It is the dream of every Rabbi to make this elevation in the world. They are true heroes.

Hashem had the Prime Minister of Israel slip out that he sees this war as a sign that more Jewish villages should be given over to the other side. The immediate response from all has been quite the opposite. We realize that giving away our land which is forbidden in the Torah has destructive consequences.

Now what will be of the Jewish people after this war? Will we keep the spiritual unity we have gained? Well I don’t think this is up too Iran, Syria, Hisbalah or Hamas. It is simply up to us as a Jewish nation, individuals all with Jewish neshamos, souls. We are the ones whom will decide our future as a nation and the immanent arrival of Moshiach will be left in our hands. Another thing we have learnt is that while we may have thought our differences were many, it turns out, we are all the same and our differences are few.


  1. A Freilechin Tish A Bav!

    Comment by Duvie Sharfman — August 3, 2006 @ 5:32 am

  2. Duvie, your right, even in sadness there is joy and hope

    Comment by moshes — August 3, 2006 @ 12:59 pm

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