September 14, 2008

Sefer Yom Leyom, Daily Practices: Happiness

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Written by Rav Korspedia grave?
1. Happiness should not be dependant on others.
2. A person accomplishes more when they are happy.
3. It is difficult to be happy when your feeling fatigued.
4. When you think too much because you have too much free time, your confusions turn into depression.
5. A person is happy when they can give to others.

6. It is difficult to be happy when you owe others.

7. You have 613 reasons to be happy.

8. Putting things off that have to get done turn them into unhappy, stressful thoughts.

9. A person who is satisfied with what they have and who doesn’t think about their lacking, is always happy.

10. When a person is acting like themselves and not trying to look good in others eyes, they are happy.

11. Holy music and singing a turn makes a happy heart.

12. It is good to express your unhappiness to a close friend or Rabbi.

13. Unhappiness can come and go but joy should be forever

Written at Rav Tafron’s Grave

14. Recital of tehillim pushes away sadness.?
15. Beautiful scenery eases the mind from sadness and anxiety.
16. Eating fruits help a person to be joyous.?
17. There is always a reason to be happy, just latch onto it.?
18. Being sad is like allowing the satan keys to the inner doors of your life, What would you allow this?
NEXT CHAPTER.. Holy Names… I decided not to post on the blog

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