September 9, 2008

Elul Seriousness

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It is very important that we realize the greatness of this holy month. We should spend more time in the Synagogue praying and studying Torah. Someone I barely know stopped me on the way to the Ari Mikvah today, he told me how happy he is too see me more in Yeahiva this month. I told him, it is Elul and even though I have much going on, I must make more time to study Torah. Now is the time!

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  1. Reb Moshe—Just as you told me awhile back, “Try keeping to a kosher diet and observing the Sabbath for a month and you will experience the true wisdom of G-d’s Promise!” so I have been adding a new traditional observance, every few days, and with each addition, I can see and feel, immediately, a palpable growth in holiness!

    I never would have expected such observances to serve a sincere person, such as myself, so obviously! Thank you for “sharing the wealth!” I enter this holy season with a resultant special enthusiastic anticipation!

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — September 10, 2008 @ 9:44 am

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