September 7, 2008

Sefer Yom LYom, Friendships

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1. Always greet a person first shalom
2. A friend is someone who should be supportive and encouraging
3. Friendships grow with openness and trust
4. A friendship lasts when there is also an understanding of space
5. Friendships that grow too quickly usually don’t last
6. Sometimes a potential friend is right before us but we are too afraid to make the first connection
7. People that are happy attract more friends, even if it is not a true happiness
8. Tell over Torah to your friend that is at his level & that goes along with his character and yo will draw him closer, otherwise you push him away
9. A true friend takes time to listen and not just try to give advice. Listening should be the main thing
10. Don’t ask for too many favors of your friend or you will eventually push them away
11. If you can’t be yourself with them, this person is not a true friend
12. Always ask your friends how they are doing so that they can respond Boruch Hashem, Blessed be His Name in reply
13. A friend is someone there during the bad times, not just the good times.
14. A friend sees mostly the good in you. That is why they remain with you. Remember that during the times they might have accidentally hurt your feelings.
15. If your relationship with this person doesn’t draw you or them closer to Hashem, don’t pursue it often
16. A persons greatest friend should be Hashem. He will never disappoint you & His love is unending
17. If you are draw to something which isn’t so good, keep your friends out of it. Meaning, do not allow them to stubble with you just so you don’t go about your mess alone. You can talk to them to ask for help but you should never put them in a position to join you in frivolous things that lead to sin
18. If your not a friend to yourself, how can you be to others?

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  1. THis must be published. brilliant thoughts put together so simply. thank you!

    Comment by sherry — September 9, 2008 @ 10:00 pm

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