September 7, 2008

Kvittel to Uman

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Reb Bergman has given me permission to post this on ilovetorah.
(A kvittel is a prayer-request; one asks a tzaddik to pray on his/her behalf.)

If you are interested in sending one to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, write too
Please put the word “kvittel” in the subject line.

The form of a kvittel is: [petitioner’s Hebrew name] ben/bat
[petitioner’s MOTHER’s Hebrew name]. Example: Shmuel ben Chanah; Dina bat Leah. If the Hebrew/Jewish name is not known, use the name(s) you know. (ben= son of; bat= daughter of)

Prayers can also be offered on behalf of a geographic or religious community.

Please e-mail your kvittel NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. Include the text of the kvittel within the body of the e-mail. (Attachments will be ignored.)

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