September 5, 2008

Sefer Yom LYom, Fear of Hashem, Part 1

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Fear of Hashem

1. It is known to glance at the sky to increase your fear of Hashem but you can also look at all of nature. The trees, plants, mountains, rivers… As all of nature knows and fears its Creator.
2. Though it may be more productive, a hurried step can sometimes make someone forget Hashem.
3. Being around those who do not recognize Hashem regularly, can lead a person to forget Him. This would include, watching broadcasts, frivolous music lyrics and other such media.
4. When you pray any passage that speaks about fear, concentrate more devoutly. Lear to feel what you say in your heart and bones, causing them to tremble from time to time.
5. A person must learn fear of Hashem, think about it and make it apart of themselves.
6. With fear of Hashem comes attachment to the Shechinah
7. Clothing that covers oneself modestly instill fear of Hashem. That is especially so when worn for the sake of Heaven.
8. When you fear Hashem, those around you are also affected positively. You also are drawing them close to Hashem even if they are very far. Don’t underestimate this. Even standing in the street with true fear Hashem can change the thoughts of those around you.
9. Look into the eyes of someone attached to Hashem and you will join them.
10. Your head should be slightly down and your eyes occasionally glancing upwards.
11. The graves of Tzaddikim are radiating with fear of Hashem. This is a good place to learn this.
12. Walking in Israel increasing fear of Hashem.

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  1. It is true that, while the Beloved is responsive to true faith and love, it is to be expected and understood that He performs as He determines, in His Perfect Wisdom, is best. Reverence for His Sublime Judgment dictates our relationship to Him. He loves us, yet we never control Him—it is not fear which restrains us from trying, it is the sure knowledge that He does what He does in HIS Way. We would want no different.

    In keeping with all that I have done wrong in my life, I DO wake in a cold sweat, sometimes, having faced, in a dream, some nastiness of character I have denied about myself…
    But repentance rides on the heels of the insight and I know that The Holy One “has my back.” He wants me to be sure of it, as much as He knows that He can expect me to bring righteousness, where once was wretchedness.

    As my intent and my zealous effort remains pure, He is always by my side, to smooth the way and chase, with my attentions, any residual anxieties!

    Today was a good day! The Beloved led me through mine fields (mostly of my own soul’s making) and the job that was promised became definite!

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — September 6, 2008 @ 4:55 am

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