April 12, 2006

Pesach coming

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Well nobody told me blog instructions. Am I supposed to blog every day? Jimmy from Cleavland sujested tonight that I do a video of my checking the house for chometz, so I did one. I keep thinking about how much I need a car to create more videos and write divrey Torah in the mountains. You know, Tzfat is a very interesting place. There is the idra which is 7 minutes away. No bus goes there but in the old days, that is where Rabbi Shimon taught over the highest secrets of the zohar. The Arizal once went there and sat his students in the exact same spots as Rabbi Shimon did. This place is usually diserted during the day so I could sit with a laptop and work on my sefarim for kiruv. Would be great. I also need a new laptop to do this. So, car and laptop, Hashem please help me!
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  1. Bobbi

    I wish more people had the guts to say that

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  2. Marissa

    Did you see the new movie that talked about this?

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  3. Becca

    After reading that, I swear the world has gone insane!

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