August 28, 2008

Prayer: Sefer Yom LYom

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1. Say the words with the intent of reaching truth in your heart

2. See the letters as worlds in themselves and expand them, draw them out and they will shine for you.

3. When your prayer brings you to joy, know it is accepted.

4. People think by praying slowly their prayer is more devout but usually it just leads them to pride. Praying slowly is good but make sure it brings you to humility.

5. make your prayers beautiful to Hashem with melody and tones, even the angels with join in.

6. To bring yourself to humility while praying, climb from Malchut to chessed, then picture any three letter name in snow like white, Flipping the letters until you are nothing. (As taught by the Ramchals Students)

7. Prayer with energy and Devekus will eventually lead to prayer with stillness, allowing on the soul to move. This is the chassidic way tot pray but everyone usually prayers the opposite way.

8. Pacing back and forth and rocking arouses the heart.

9. Make set times and places to pray. Moving from this place even a few feet can change the prayer.

10. Accustom yourself to see YKVK and Adna intertwined when reciting the holy name. Have in mind the simple kavanah of elevating the Shechinah.

11. Every person can have ruach HaKodesh while praying, they can see holy lights and more. Go with this thinking to connect to the Shechinah and elevate Her. Those wise will elevate her many times over and over. Those even wiser will elevate all of Israel.

12. Absolutely never say a word to anyone during prayer. Do not be broken as your soul will be cast out of the holy gates making your prayer an abomination.

13. Reflect up on the great give of prayer and then pray happily.

14. When you prayer with faith, your prayer goes much further so believe in the power of your prayer and Hashem’s Rachmanus.

15. There is much deepness behind the names of Hashem chosen in each prayer, understand this and you are like the Kings closest attendant with full access to His treasures.

16. Put yourself in every prayer, and identify with it.

17. Praer for the needs of Klal Yisrael and the Shechinah as priority during set prayers and in hisbobidus, pray for yourself at the start. Then slowly negate yourself and pray for all of Israel.

18. Prayer with the accompany of a minyon assures one entry, while alone, one can easily get lost.


  1. 1. When you pray with faith, your prayer goes much further so believe in the power of your prayer and Hashem’s Rachmanus.
    2. There is much deepness behind the names of Hashem chosen in each prayer, understand this and you are like the Kings closest attendant with full access to His treasures.
    3. Put yourself in every prayer, and identify with it.

    Oh Great Holy Beloved—

    Please, honor the devout and wholly sincere Reb Moshe—How his deep yearning for me to do the simple act of eating a kosher diet—how his pain went up to Your heavenly gate, while I declared poverty, to Reb Moshe’s profound distress, as a reason for “sticking to my old ways,” by eating what I could afford, and avoiding what You, and the rabbi, told me was in my best interests—How he must have cried out to You, “What can be done for our brother, Paul?” And how You knew the depth of the sincerity of the rabbi’s heart!. All that I reported to him was in truth.. You have brought me to live within Your will (What glory is enough to repay You for what You have done for me? For all of mankind?)

    Oh Great Wonderful Provider—

    Now, at sixty-three, with psychiatric and physical handicaps, now You bring the truth of a dream-come-true job! You have answered the prayers and I will have more money, by far, than I have had in my life! I told Reb Moshe that I do not lie (The credit is Yours!). It was finances that stopped me from shopping at the kosher supermarket on the next block and, shortly, I will begin that practice, which the rabbi begged of me, with such a pure heart! I know that I owe my good fortune to You and I also know that that which drives Reb Moshe was heard up in Heaven! I am not aware of all who have been pleading for my deliverance, but I am certain that my gratitude cannot be expressed in words!

    Watch over Reb Moshe—Bring greater and greater success to the works of his hands and heart and know that I am aware that his passion played no small role in the miraculous victory of this moment!

    Thank You and thank You again!

    (Then, attention will be given to Shabbos!)

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — August 29, 2008 @ 8:09 am

  2. thank you for these kind words my friends. They come at a valuable time, I was tempted all week to shut the site down for good. Ive been trying to figure out why the people who support the site the most are those holy brothers who are not even Jewish, all because they want to spread Hashem’s Oneness but my closest blood relatives seem to forget me and here is someone to remember. I appreciate it.

    One thing paul, you can’t eat holy kosher food and not recite all the food blessings cause then the food can’t go up. It goes into your body mixed of good and bad. When you say the appropriate blessings, the good separates from the bad and the bad goes out. Then you are left with the holy sparks of the food alone. This is what brings you close to Hashem. In this food can sometimes be sparks of souls from previous generations which are there to elevate you and you to elevate them. This is very deep… There is much more…
    Fear of Hashem gives us that little push that we need to do the right thing. Fear of Hashem is not like fear of a human being or physical thing. It is much deeper. The Torah teaches us never to fear anything as it only gives that object power that it previously didn’t have. You were right when you said the other day that fear isn’t a good thing to live with. But fear of Hashem, isn’t the same. It is something from holiness.

    Comment by Reb Moshe — August 29, 2008 @ 10:29 am

  3. The holy kosher food, I will bless with prayer from the heart. G-d has prepared me well to speak to Him, and to my fellows, in His Name, with purity and sincere love and awe. His miraculous gifts keep magnifying, as I experience ever greater devotion to His holy purposes…

    I am honored to be offered the opportunity of facilitating a spirituality gtroup, as part of the wonderful “Wellness Day” event. which occurs, once a month, at South Beach Psychiatric Center, on Staten Island…I live to serve His Holy Cause and so the opportunity to bring my knowledge of Him and my insight as to “where it’s at,” in these times, in this Creation—how close, and how far, wE are from His Kingdom (and what Man needs to do to “get in the door”),—to be a soldier fror His mission, represents an honor, which I face with inexpressible gratitude, joy, confidence and humility. May the holy food gird my body and soul for the task–ALL the tasks of my days—G-d has prepared me for everything and anything—(Had I not been here, every step of the way, to experience His handiwork in my life, changing my heart and mind, one small bit at a time, I wouldn’t know His Wonder and Power!
    I will never tire of singing His praises!

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — August 29, 2008 @ 3:25 pm

  4. I DID visit the holy shuk and ate great on Friday! I enjoyed the food so much—it did cost four times what I’m used to paying for food! I’ll have to apply the refined intelligence that G-d has developed in me over the years and make eating kosher a practical enterprise. While I am eating alone most of the time, I find blessings before eating not to flow as naturally. Understanding that I have no inclination to embrace Orthodox Judaism in its entirety, what simple solution do you have for bringing holiness to the meal, without “standing on my head?”

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — August 31, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

  5. B”H
    @ Reb Moshe:
    There was a King and He had many children- princes and princesses. For some reason He decieded to send one of the princes amongst the peasons. No one knew why.. was it to teach him more about the simple folk in His kingdom, or to help him refine his charakter, or had he some special mission.. Some of the other princes wouldn’t even speak with the prince,they thaught The King was angry with him and has punished him to live among the poor peasans.
    At first the prince was having a hard time. The most peasans didn’t speak with him either, they thaught he was also a peasan like them, he was dressed like a peasan, but somehow there was something special about him, something in his behaviour and the just couldn’t understand why. But tehere were occasonally some peasans who recognized him and knew he was one of the King’s sons, and they tried to help him in his task. Some of them they did it out of love to The King, some wanted to make good connections, because we all know, peasans are practical people.. 🙂

    Comment by Teodor — August 31, 2008 @ 2:04 pm

  6. B”H
    @ Paul Chipkin
    please, read this article I’ve found today. It’s about the power of blessings over water and foods.
    And please have in mind, that all the blessings (Brachot) before eating a particullar kind of food were composed by great sages and kaballists and each exact Bracha (said by a jew especially with a proper intention) has enormous effects not only on the food itself and on the person, saying the Bracha, but on the whole Universe.

    Comment by Teodor — August 31, 2008 @ 9:27 pm

  7. Dear Teodor—May G-d watch over you and yours today and all the days and nights of your life (I am sure that He does so anyway, but I add my wish that good come your way)—May my words “tip the balance in your favor” so that you be aligned with what can mysteriously be to your benefit, in accordance with the Beloved’s Ever-Present Wisdom!

    You certainly have motivated me, upon reading the article you led me (with the guidance of the One), to, enthusiastically, throw the power of the word (and I’m sure that it extends to ALL of the energies which are offered to Creation, in the course of living each moment) behind a holiness of my own role in creation!
    As I go through my day, should I keep the remembrance of maintaining a sacred “vibration,” I will, actually, be crystallizing the water (and all else I affect) into beautiful holy form—Talk about the mindful maximizing of a positive role on this earth!

    I have, in the course of the past year, come to know the power of the perfectly trusting, faithful prayer and I have seen G-d honor the spirit of true belief, no matter the apparent odds against successful outcomes. G-d doesn’t care about any “minor details,” when there is true belief and faith—the article shows that this reality translates, concretely,. into scientifically-easily-verifiable molecular testimony!

    Then the way is clear-cut: Live all my days in perfect expression of the highest love and harmony—My life, and everything that can be affected, will transform on the path! What a glorious revelation!

    Of course, praise be to He, Who creates this world of miracle and mysteriously glorious possibilities, as we go!

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — September 2, 2008 @ 6:34 am

  8. Amein!

    Comment by Teodor — September 2, 2008 @ 12:45 pm

  9. sanctifying haiku

    bring holiness here
    as we partake of Your Love
    may Your blessings come

    You, the Only King!
    You, the Path to Salvation!
    thanks so much for Life!

    ours to save this place
    with Your Guidance to lead us
    we accept The Gift!

    Comment by Paul Chipkin — September 3, 2008 @ 3:17 pm

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