July 31, 2008

Tzaddikim of the other world

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I was trying to reach a Rebbe to discuss some matters last night. I was told to call back later so I called from the holy Tzaddiks grave, Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais but missed the Rebbe again. I recalled the time when I was in Meron and asking for a Bracha from a Rebbe who was visiting, he said, “Why would you want my bracha when you have Rebbe Shimon right here”? So tonight I was thinking about this a little bit. I came to the conclusion that the Tzaddikim who are in Gan Eden, of course they are higher and they will pray on my behalf for my spritual needs on a much higher level but my physical needs. How can they understand them as well as a Rebbe of today, they are so removed from the physical world and its gashmious. They see the lack of my physical needs as a good thing, not as suffering as I do. So yes, I need them to pray but I also need someone to hear and understand in a physical way my problems. Everyone has their own path in approaching this but I was debating why I should call a Rebbe when I had before me a Tana and this is the answer I came up with. Both serve a different purpose.

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