July 27, 2008

The Missing Ring

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There was once a young couple who got engaged. As was tradition in the family, the grandmother gave the bride an expensive ring. Soon after their marriage, the bride lost the ring while taking a walk along the beach. The entire family was devastated and she lost their respect. Whenever they saw her, if they didn’t say something derogatory with their lips, their heart spoke instead.
Months later as her husband was cleaning his wardrobe, he found in his old coat the missing ring. Once again, his wife was loved and respected. Everyone was so sorry and the family was once again united. About 15 years later, the bride, mother of many children, decided she would like to exchange the ring for more jewelry as she had enjoyed it enough. She asked her relatives who grandmother who had since passed, bought her jewelry from.
That day she went to the jeweler and showed him the ring. He said that a ring of this quality he would never forget and this particular ring he did not sell before. Taken back, she went home and started going through all the insurance paperwork on the ring. Sure enough, the ring she was wearing now was purchased 4 months after the wedding. She went to her husband in suspicion. He told her that he could no longer withstand her misery and how everyone treated her. He understood that people are not perfect and his family was sweet but had their issues so he took maters into his own hands. “You have no idea how many loans I had to take out when we were first married to pay for this new ring. I just wanted you to be happy and my family to love you again.” Now my friends, we have to remember never to hurt someone and remind them of their faults. If someone makes a mistake or looses something then we mustn’t torcher them about it. Also, if someone is hurting then we have to lower ourselves and protect this person at all costs. He didn’t just give his wife a ring, he gave her life. Lets do something for someone else today, bringing them from darkness into the light.

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