June 25, 2008

Salvation of Shabbos

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Hashem hid away the secrets of Gan Eden, the next world in Shabbos. When Shabbos is kept, the secrets and the revelation of Hashem begins to unravel. For the soul, a pure entity that is connected to the highest light, this is not just a satisfaction but a necessity for its very survival in a physical domain. The neshmah is crying out daily for some connection to the Shabbos. So each morning we say in our prayers, this is day ___ of the Shabbos in order to remind ourselves that Shabbos is coming and that respite is on its way. This is because surviving healthy in a spiritual way in a physical world is impossible without the light of Shabbos. Can you imagine though the comfort of the soul should a person remind themselves throughout the day about shabbos during the week. And then if they were to take it a step further and do something each day for shabbos, oh how beautiful would the soul be in bliss. The hidden light of Gan-Eden opens itself to this person through the light of Shabbos, even now during the mudain weekdays.
You know, every person wants to be comfortable in this world. They want a nice bed to sleep on, comfortable chair, decent food to eat and a nice roof over their heads. The souls needs are even more simple. All the neshama wants is the Shabbos…

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