July 23, 2006

Sunday Report

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Today in the afternoon I was with the gabi of the Alshich shul (I have a video on this shul), when he got a call that a bomb hit the house between the Abuhav and Alshich Shul. The windows of the Alshich were blown out but both shuls were otherwise B’H untouched.

At the same time 2 bombs hit near where I live in the Kirya. One outside my friends house which is being build and the other near Tzfat Chese right on the steet. Today at mincha we prayed with a lot of kavanah and after the marriv service we did the traditional dance at breslov. Everyone is happy and thanking Hashem for the miricles in Tzfat today

I saw a couple of new people returned. Both of the “Simply Tzfat” band families I saw and others as well. The city is still empty but its heart is growing.

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