May 13, 2008

Rabbenu Tam Tefillin

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Holy Tefillin of Rabbenu Tam Reb Moshe teaches & shows you how to put tefilin on. He also encorages everyone to consider wearing this holy type of Tefillin. Check out ilovetorah sofer stam


  1. you said on your sofrut site:
    “I must admit that I am impressed with the Alter Rebbe, though I am not chabad, for leading his followers on this pathway. It is very holy to wear these larger size batim. They are able to draw down more light from the Sefiros of Chochma and Binah.”

    can you explain a little? what about the larger batim is significant?.. this is different than shimusha rabba, right?

    Comment by yitz.. — May 19, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

  2. Well you have to view the batim as a vessle with precious Jems inside. If the vessel is whole, in one piece with no glue, the light of the diamond reflects and shines. Any defects in the Jar, or glue, inteferes with the light of the parshios. Now the larger batim according to Kabbalah allow a better flow of light from Chochmah & Binah. Generally, Batim over 40 in size are used for shemusha rabbah as according to him, the batim must be of this size. So there are two shitas with Shemusha Rabbah. The main idea is simply to have larger batim which according to Rav Aryeh Shechter really could be quite a bit smaller then 40. Some people buy a special pair of large Rashis and they call this Shemusha Rabbah. Then according to others, Shemusha Rabbah tefillin should also have the parshios completely reversed. It is said of this that it is so holy it is like wearing Rashi & Rabbenu Tam and getting light from both. Shemusha Rabbah is probably the highest tefillin there is, (this is a 3rd pair with parshios flipped, though it could be like Rashi, i guess). It is worn by those seeking the highest levels. Now some of these people only wear what they call big Rashis like Chabad always wears. After a lot of research, I felt the essence of Shemusha Rabbah was to flip the Parshios as well as have batim over 40 to be sure. Rav Kaduri held the batim should be 45 but I see no reason for this, especially since they are impossible to get unless done by hand & really shemusha rabbah can be quite smaller. Then again, I am sure he had his reasons. Most Chassidish Rebbes told me that they were 40-42. If one were to buy Rashis, I would recommend the larger batim so you are also in accordance with Shemusha Rabbah. I praise chabad for this practice. Chabad is also machpid to wear only batim that are prudos. I have never sold any batim that were not prudos even at my own loss. I believe the vessel itself is just as important then the light inside it. I have written 2 pairs of Shemusha Rabbah with flipped parshios. I am the only one I know who has written them as it is a rare order. The writting is done the exact same as one would write Rashi. Again, the only difference is how you put in the parshios which itself is considered a machlocis min Hashamayim that will be answered when Moshiach comes. Rav Perets told me that he knew people that wore 2 separate Shemusha Rabbah pairs, one regular and one flipped along with regular small batim as rashis. I personally hold after extensive research & talks with Tzaddikim that one should flip the parshios. This is also how the Lubavitch Rebbe wore them as otherwise, he would be wearing his regular rashis. One more point, according to most, everyone today is wearing Shemusha Rabbah according to the shita to flip them and are yotze bedieved. This is because all one would need to do is flip them, wear them backwards when putting them. Then, since the shita could really be far smaller then 40, many regular batim, might even be large enough to qualify. I was shown halachic proof that the size of Shemusha Rabbah is much smaller then 40. So according to some, between these two things, one doesn’t need to wear a separate shemusha rabbah pair. Lechaticila though, the Tzaddikim would make a 3rd pair as is the custom from the Ari. Now some people don’t like large regular Rashis for 2 reasons. One, they are not as comfortable & are heavy. The second is because there is concern with them moving and being outside the required space on the head where we have to wear the tefillin. So there is reason for prayer in the morning with small regular size batim. Rabbenu tam tefillin are usually made with Regular size batim.

    Comment by Reb Moshe — May 19, 2008 @ 6:23 pm

  3. thanks for such a thorough answer 🙂

    Comment by yitz.. — May 20, 2008 @ 6:34 pm

  4. Thanks for your excellent videos and other content. It’s been a while since I’ve heard your voice, but your singing is absolutely beautiful.

    I hope to some day soon join in on the wearing of tefillin.

    Comment by chad — November 28, 2010 @ 4:58 am

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