May 11, 2008

Shabbos Elevation

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On all other days of the week, one must climb the latter in order to go up spiritually but on the Shabbos, one just walks into the light and doesn’t look back. All the souls in Gehenah, Hell are brought out of this place of discomfort each Shabbos. We are not permitted to repent during Shabbos. Simply, as stated, we are just walking into light and being raised up. So, when it comes to the 3 meals of perfect faith, Friday night, Saterday and Shalosh Siudos, we uniting all the worlds. The Friday night meal rectifies the name of Adna. Saterday, the name YKVK and the last meal, EKYE. But this recfification and tikkun is not the same as the tikkun of these worlds during the 6days of the week. This is because on the Shabbos. The worlds have shalaim, peace. A union between the Shechinah and the Holy One Blessed be He has taken place. Simular to the union of the time of Moshiach. Total peace and bliss. Therefore, all have to change garments and remove the garments of the 6 days of the week and put on Shabbos garments. Then they just walk into the light and bliss of Shabbos. This removal of weekday garments is only difficult because we make it that way. In reality, it is quite simple. It is just like walking from one room to the next. The mikvah taking at midday Friday afternoon is supposed to remove the weekly garments from us and this is why we really should dress immediately in Shabbos cloths. “And you will call Shabbos ONeG, delight”. For the essence of ONeg is the verse, “a Nahar, river, went out from Eden to water the Gan, garden.”(Shaarey Ohrah) The word Gan in hebrew shares the root for the word ONeg. Therefore, one is blessed through ONeg Shabbos from the highest spirituality from Eden. How fortunate will you be in keeping Shabbos, for you will be a host to the ten Spheres. (Sharay Ohrah) I understood this Torah when I shook a Rabbis hand this Shabbos. I am happy to share it with you. Good Shabbos.

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