April 23, 2008

Rabbi Noson Maimon

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rebnasanavatar.jpgI have known Rabbi Noson Maimon for over 12 years. Many years back I enjoyed being one of his students in his Kollel in Mea Sharim. I believe that he is the biggest figure in Breslov Chassidus today yet his world goes unnoticed. His shirim are also of an extremely high level, yet very understandable. I have always considered him one of my teachers. I consider him the main talmuid of Rabbi Michel Dorfman Z’T’L. Someone who I highly respected. Here is some hakaros hatov, Thank you Rebbe Noson for your hard work.

(Rabbi Nasan Maimon is Executive Director and lecturer for the Breslov World Center. He received his Smicha from, and teaches in the Yeshiva Chassidai Breslov in Jerusalem. For over the last 10 years Rabbi Maimon has been delivering classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidus throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. Hundreds of these lectures have been taped and are regularly distributed to subscribers throughout the world. He was a leading student, and is son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, zt”l.

In 1981 when Rabbi Nachman’s gravesite in the Ukraine was threatened with destruction, Rabbi Maimon was selected as the United States spokesman and representative of the world Breslov movement to avert this threat. After high- level meetings at the United States State Department, Rabbi Maimon traveled to the USSR to meet with Kremlin officials where he succeeded in conveying to the Soviet authorities the great significance of this shrine. They subsequently granted special protected status to Rabbi Nachman’s gravesite. )Taken from breslovworldcenter.com

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