July 18, 2006


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The people that have stayed are warn out. Those that left are miserable and homesick, temping to return. The streets are empty. I don’t think people realize that they must help the evacuated Jews that left and those that remain. People are really troubled. A couple of houses have been broken into. We are seeking more tefillos that we can return to a normal life which will take weeks now.

I just took my son to doctor, he has an ear infection. On the main street I saw windows broken from the noise of the rockets. I saw one building that had an entire floor blown off. The english bookstore was open, a big suprise! I got two books for the kids. All day he had about two people come in. Nothing else was open really. Banks were closed, local post office closed, stores closed. Angels bakery was open and people were sitting around talking outside. I met a friend of mine there. I saw a for sale sign on one store. I was told some people who were not attached to Tzfat are planning on moving out and many stores will close from the lack of business for 2 weeks and tourism is finished for a long time. On the streets coming home, I saw cars with blown out windows. A beautiful BMW with no back window. I just found out that a friend of mine who is a taxi driver remained so i am going to take the family to a park later. Maybe do another Torah video for you all!
He told me that people paid up to 2,000 sheckles to get a taxi to Jerushayim and he is charging his normal price but its ashame many were overcharged. So my friends, anyone want to help the people of Tzfat? I was told by someone who just got back from jerushalayim that the people there think we got hit by about 3 rockets and its not a big deal. Try about 40-60!!!!!!

12:15 Tzfat hit by 3 bombs, I don’t want to say were they right after as these guys are monitoring news and media to know how their aim is but doesn’t appear anyone was hurt.

5:30 10 bombs hitting and Hashem is sending them off target! I was told there were more then 40.

12:30 quieter night. It is Rav Gedalya Kenigs Yirtzite, he is the Rabbi who rebuilt Tzfat, in his merit there is protection today.
Good news that I am back advertising on Arutzsheva again. Please if you can help with advertising funds, it would be great. I just put up a new Torah video, Rebbe Meir Bal Hanais.

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  1. Shalom mishpocha! I posted you on my blog, not that I am so popular but I figured every little bit helps. We are praying for you all.

    Comment by Philly Farmgirl — July 18, 2006 @ 2:14 pm

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