July 17, 2006

Monday Night Sirons Sound!

Filed under: Tzfat bombings — Reb Moshe @ 10:38 pm

About 10 bombs hit the beria area of Tzfat tonight, sirons went off twice. Some stores opened today because people really need parnasa. A friend of mine begged me to please come to his store so they could have business. A young family had part of their home distroyed so please send in donations.

Tzfat just got hit, sounded like a large building, glass breaking. It was a home near the hospital, south. Nobody hurt.

12am Very few are left here, at marriv tonight there were 13 people at one of the largest minyonim in town. Tonight, everyone seemed a bit down. In Meor Chaim, in each building you see 3 cars parked instead of the normal 25 cars a buidling. They almost never turn on the alarm and tonight they did and I will complain about it because already people have enough trouble sleeping, what was the purpose of it. We know bombs are flying in the air, I think the alarm is more scarrier then the actual bomb.

3am, been quiet b’h

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