July 14, 2006

Pre Shabbos Bombs

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3:00 Tzfat bakery Rochov Yerushalim hit, I think everyone is baking their own challah’s this week so the store was probably closed
3:15 The thought came to my mind to go around filming the missles for you and empty streets, but, naaaa. I am torah video, i love torah not cnn.
5:pm been quite for a while
6pm quite
Hisbalah has
30 rockets that can hit haifa or more south
500 that can hit Tzfat, Naharia, Meron and others
1300 that can hit Kiryat shemona and close places

They have used probably 150 already which means 350 left
350 divided by 5 towns Tzfat, Naharia, Meron and others =70 Half with miss totally, so 35 is the threat in the next week but then they wouldn’t use all of them up so that puts us at 25.
Good Shabbos All

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