July 13, 2006

Latest bomb reports

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10pm bomb hit somewhere in tzfat
Lots of aircraft flying over

11pm, we have 6 guest sleeping over tonight and 3 will stay for shabbos. Two families and one bochor. Everyone wants to leave the windows open to hear the planes and bombs.
12:30am quite, a few planes if you listen closely negotiations?
12:42 i am starting to hear boom sounds in long distance.
2am. quite b’h. I mopped the bathroom floor and did some laundry to help the wife, you know we have shabbos tomarrow! Just finished the new video of Rav Tarfon!
(One bochor is on the couch, my 3 year old on the living room floor. My 4 year old on my wifes bed with baby in room. My wife in my study with me sleeping on a board since we are out of beds. I am working with lights out, no place to sleep anyways. My oldests sons room has family of 3. My youngest sons room has family of 2. I am hungry but I don’t want to awaken the people sleeping in the living room)

My friend from hisbalah said that he went and touched the rocket after being on call. I heard the Tzfat hospital is full as it serves much of the north teritories.

2:20 I was on my porch and looked up, the moon is lighting all of the sky. I noticed many aircraft about 1300 feet +
2:30am Join me now in prayer, I am going to go out to the Arizal grave to pray for Peace now. The moon is so bright, it is almost as day out there.
3:20 Returned from praying at the Arizal. I felt Hashem heard my pleads that the city of Tzfat, solders, and nortern Israel be safe. While there I heard some bombs and I hear some now here and there. I don’t know if its us bombing Lebanon sometimes or them firing rockets into the hills and missing cities. Since I am a bit far, 25minutes from Lebanan, I assume the later but I could be wrong.
8am quite morning
2:30 pm 5 bombs it beriya area of Tzfat, there is a lady that is trapped in her house, scared to leave and sees them falling around her.
1 bomb hit the chupa cholleh, medical center near the Tzfat zoo
5 or so bombs hit the messudah again.
We are getting hit now a lot and we don’t know any injeries as there is no station to tell us


  1. Dear Reb Moshe,

    Thank you so much for having us over for shabbos dinner. We were planning on returning to your house to retrieve my siddur and say hello, but after the bombings started, our group returned to Jerusalem. Your website is great, and we loved learning about the different minhaggim of the Breslov. Thanks for opening up your home to us. We hope to return to Tzaf soon…

    Mateo (mateoaceves@yahoo.com), William, and Benjamin

    Comment by William and Mateo — July 13, 2006 @ 10:27 pm

  2. Hey Cousins:

    I was so glad to talk to you Moshe and to hear all is B”H fine. I wish that we could be there with you all. We surely miss you both as well as our little cousins. Well at least my mind was to put to rest that we spoke.

    Anyhow with all this going on especially during the 3 weeks this should bring us closer & faster to the coming of Moshiach the rebuilding of Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh and the Bais HaMikdash AMEN

    Have a safe and super Shabbos,
    Shmaryahu, Nechama, Elana Baila & Yehoshua Yosef Yishaya

    Comment by Shmaryahu — July 14, 2006 @ 2:35 am

  3. My daughter and I said Tehillim together in English and Hebrew before she went to bed tonight for all of Israel, all of the Middle East and for your family, friends, and neighbors in Tzfat. She told me at camp today the girls in her bunk all said Tehillim with their counselors for Israel today. We are far from you here in the US but our thoughts are there with you in Israel.

    Comment by Debbie — July 14, 2006 @ 5:36 am

  4. Hello again:

    Spoke to Elana and she said that Camp Sternberg (the whole camp) said the whole book of Tehillim today. They stormed the Heavens and beseeched Hashem to end the war and bring Moshiach quickly.

    Have a gr8 Shabbos,

    Your Cousins from NYC

    Comment by Shmaryahu — July 14, 2006 @ 5:41 am

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