November 30, 2007

Next weeks launches

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Shalom folks,

The other day I had a special guest join me in the Golan Heights for a video by Giboen Waterfalls. The video is 20minutes long and is in the editing stage. Since then, I have been busy working for some gelt so there isn’t much that was new this last week. I have just transferred over a video of my photography from previous years and I will share that in the coming week along with the askreb site we hope. We also have the holy chanukah coming and I know everyone is excited. I hope to do some new videos of the lighting and we have some nice ones from previous years in archives if you look.

I wish you all a gooden Shabbos
Reb moshe
p.s. please forgive me, the askreb site is finished but I am a perfectionist so I don’t want to show yet till I add some charactor animation and other design goodies. If someone has time to edit some responses there, let me know.
p.p.s. By the way, the weather here this week was so nicccccccccccccccce!

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