July 13, 2006

3 rockets just hit tzfat city new

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I heard 3 rockets hit the city, very close, don’t know where yet. I hear rockets landing and the men nearby davening at the shul with great kavanah.

8:18pm, we are being told to go to shelters. Wife and I are preparing water and flashlights. Actually, I am blogging!

9pm. Quiet here, but hear bombs hitting moutainsides probably 15minutes away. I think they are missing targets and bombs are fewer now. Parts of Tzfat have no power, the places in the northern section, mesudah and chabad areas. We have power b’h.
One of the rockets that hit landing in between two apartments in a building not hurting anyone. The people were both just siting in their houses. One bomb hit Rochov Bar Yochai, that is near the kikar hamaginim, center square of the old city. Rav Kenig Shlita lives there and remains in his home. Many families living near the higher parts of the mountain are leaving tzfat. We have people coming in and out of our house through the day. The first rocket that hit the mesudah earlier landed 5 feet from a man who was not injured.
My flashlight doesn’t work, rechargable batteries are way overrated.
I hear a fighter plane now overhead.
The rockets that hit tzfat each shake everyones house.

I did a search online and the kasam rockets are only supposed to go max 70km, I don’t understand how Haifa was hit, Tzfat should be at the max of the range.
My family remains in our home, this is why we put mezuzos up on our doors. I think mostly Americans that live here are the nervice ones, Israeli’s live their entire life with such a fear, why should they be scared?

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