November 8, 2007

The Parnasa Debate

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We ask here below, “What will become of me if I have no money. How will I be able to continue serving Hashem properly.”
In Shamayim, they ask the opposite, “What will be if you had money, would you you still serve Hashem?”

Hashem wants to draw us close to Him and we, His children, want to be draw near Him as well. The problem is, He knows that if we are totally satisfied, we might forget about Him. So, Hashem sustains us in the best way for our current level so that we should continue to grow, pray and draw close to Him. Our suffering is not His desire. So how do we overcome our financial stresses? Faith.

We have to know that salvation is soon. Understanding that our prayers and self-sacrifice are karbonos, sacrifices in order to know Him and grow close. Once close, Hashem’s hand will open with salvation. May it be soon for Klal Yisrael!

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