October 30, 2007

Funniest Website Encounters

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Over the years, hmmm, I must have met close to 300 people in person who visited the site. The funniest occurrence was on Rt. 70 in Maryland when I pulled over to help a Jew with a flat tire. He greeted me, “Hi Reb Moshe”.

These days when I have a new guest over for Shabbos, I sometimes observe a weird look in their eye and I say, “So you are a fan of the site”, before they even tell me. Sometimes I meet fans on the bus, road, supermarket, street, Synagoge and mikvah. Because of this, I try to be on my best behavior always, haha. I really wonder what would happen if I returned to American Jewish cities like Boro Park or Baltimore. It has been 4.5 years since I have been in the USA. Back then, the site was popular but not to this extent. I aways think of changing my name one day to David or something, changing my look and disappearing. Leaving you with just google and youtube video uploads. I even dream of this but it is all foolishness. Already, I haven’t done a video in about a week and I feel saddened. Maybe the videos are not for you after-all and I need them more then you…

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