July 13, 2006

Rockets hitting Tzfat

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I have in my living room some tourists from Boro Park and Williamsburg that were standing 20 feet from one of the rockets that fell in Tzfat. In another room, we have 2 couples who were 150 feet from the rockets. We are attempting to calm everyone down. On the way to the Ari mikvah, I heard the rockets hitting and flying through the skies. It is interesting that within 20 seconds, I heard all that had happened as people called out from one street to the next screeming out reports. When you look towards meron at this time, you see the mountains filled with smoke.

When asked, how do we feel. My wife and I are calm and relaxed. I am not in the bomb shelter and have no plans to visit one. I wish for the safety of everyone and remind my friends that nothing can happen to anyone unless it is Hashem’s will.

p.s. The Tzfat College that was hit is mostly arabs going there and this place lowers the kedusha of the holy city and is a discrace. Two arab students got off the bus that blew up in Meron knowing full well the intention of there fellow brethern. This is the people who attend the place that was hit.

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