October 3, 2007

2 Learning Together Brings the Shechinah

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(Part of My Sefer, Book, “The Forgotten Torah”. Can be found on main page of ilovetorah)
Rav Chanina ben Tardon says that if two people are sitting and learning together, the Shechinah rests between them. Id like to say that the same is true of one who properly knows how to learn according to the secret of neshika, the kiss of the Tzaddik (as it is called). Rav Simcha Bunim, once came to the Yid Hakodesh and complained that a Rebbe, teacher of his insulted him. Rav Yaakov Yitzchok was so upset that he demanded to know who it was. Rav Simcha responded, it was such and such a person… The person he mentioned was the mussar author of the book he was studying. So well did he understand the concept of neshika that he literally believed he was getting direct rebuke from the author himself. The Yid Hakodesh, his Rebbe, was then very happy to hear this.

Reb David of Lelov was once walking in the Bais Medresh as his son was learning. He closed his Gemarah, Talmud. Puzzled, the young Torah prodegy asked why. His father responded, “If you do not see the Tzaddik and author standing before you while you learn his advice, you are simply not learning properly.

So tonight in the Succah, when I saw this teaching from Rav Chaninah, I knew that it would be impossible for the Shechinah, Divine Presence, not to rest upon such a person. If the Shechinah rests when you study with mere flesh and blood, how much more so must it dwell when you learn in the holy way of neshka. That is alone but with the vision of the author himself.

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