April 10, 2006

New Design coming

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I am working with top flash specialists to design an all new ilovetorah, torahvideo completely state of the art. I believe it should be completed in about one week. There is so much good material already but the site is overwelming as it is trying to handle all the content. I have always found that as soon as I make a new design, I outgrow it not long after (that is why you always see things stuck in). I am hoping with a new state of the art design, visitors will now be astonished at the true content of these sites, not realizing how much material has really been there all along.

I’m also hoping to get back to my roots of creating more content itself, writing and doing new videos daily once a set theme is in place on the site. I’ve found that doing this all my self from the ground up, really hurts my ability to create new material. I wish Hashem blessed me with the right help and volenteers so I can focus on priorities, teaching Torah. I also need the money to hire out so all the weight doesn’t rest on my shoulders.
A jump performed without the aid of a take-off ramp, executed by pressing the foot down on the tail of the snowboard to rebound the deck off the ground.

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