July 6, 2006

New Videos taken today

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I rented a car for today so I could do a few more videos for you.

I went to the Idra, where Rebbe Shimon taught the biggest secrets of the Torah
Then I went to one of his students grave, Reb Yosi ben Yaakov

I went and did a video by Rabbi Tarfon, climbed the tree there and sang a song, hehe

I went to tveria and did another story from Rebbe Nachman sitting on a rock surrounded by water in the kinnert.

There is so much I want to do that its overwelming to rent a car for one day and try to cram it all in. I have to return it in two hours otherwise you would have the gift of a video by Choni Hamagil today as well… Oh well, when the next donation comes in, maybe I can do the holy Rav Choni.

I’ll tell you the excitement I had today at the idra was remarkable. I couldn’t stop dancing on the video, should I leave it or edited some out? 🙂

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