June 21, 2006

I Love Torah Site Needs List

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People have asked me, well Moshe, I want to help but how much do you actually need. Well here is a list.

1. Fast Up to date technology Computers, Laptop and PC (4mg ram & top video cards)

2. Monthly donations totaling 2,500 so I can give 100% of my time to creating new material and reaching out.

3. $2000 worth of advertising donations montly or every other month

4. I need a car so I can go out and do more videos of Eretz Yisrael. The videos are everywhere, on peoples ipods, pc’s, mamish its so important. Car in Israel used costs 18,000 Sheckles

5. I need 2,000 each for 3 books I wrote to be edited in English

6. I need 1,000 each book to translate into hebrew

7. I need 30-50 thousand each book to publish

8. I need 1,000 to update immediate site repairs to higher flash technology.

9. I need $600 to fix the singles site

10. I could use people to make phone calls to collect money for the site.

11. I need some help to clear up debt

12. Would like to go into recording studio to make singing albulm for kiruv
13. I could use more sefarim

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