June 13, 2006

case of the flu & website blues

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It seems like I must undergo a case of the flu this week. Lying in bed for hours has really made me reflect on the website and kiruv. I am mamish so drained and the site brings me total misery. Why, cause i know its probably made me in the top 10 of outreach people in the world but I have to be realistic and think of closing all websites. Usually when someone tries to save many people, others step forward and help him. Not so with kiruv; I am totally on my own.

Last time I spoke to the Nikolsberg Rebbe, I cried to him that I am helping so many people and because of funds my family is suffering and the site puts me in dept. I told him that I have old computers so he asked me, “why don’t you put it up on the site that you need a new computer and someone would give you one?” I responded, “I already did that and nobody came forward.” He was shocked.

We both were saddened about my sefarim which are still not in print due to money.

So after 12 years online doing kiruv, when is enough? Over 20,000 people emailed me and got advice on their life and spirituality. Many are in Yeshivos all over the world. To some, I am their only hope and fellow Jewish friend. These things take place daily on ilovetorah. So, in a matter of weeks, the sites might close down. Goodbye ilovetorah. We don’t even have money to pay the servers this month.

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