February 15, 2007

College Credits In Israel & Yeshivos

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Many parents are in disagreements with their children over whether attend college or Yeshiva and the answer is a lot easier then many realize.  

They are unaware that many Yeshivos & Seminaries are accredited. That’s correct, someone can spend a year learning about their Jewish roots while receiving completely transferable credits.

Besides this option to consider, their are Jewish Technical Colleges in New York, Chicago and Israel, to name a few, which are teaching secular education in a more modest, Jewish environment.

Some of the most precious years of a young adults life begins right after High School. The education they receive and their surroundings help mold them into Yisras Shamayim, G-D fearing and confident individuals for the rest of their life. For parents and even children themselves, the answer can be black and white. They ponder, “It is ruff would out there and one needs a degree and career to survive.”

Naturally, most choose to attend regular Universities. Having not really found themselves yet as a person, they jump into a world of fellow spiritually starving students with no real life goals. They pick a temporary major and spend the year learning rather useless material but their eyes are set on one idea. In the real world, I will be able to get a good job.

It sound good on paper and in fact, its all about getting a paper of better qualification but in many cases, emunah, faith and Hashem have been taken out of the equation. After-all, it is Hashem who provides for the needs of every individual and living being in the world.

To attend a secular college without very specific goals in mind, can really harm a religious man or woman. Especially today when their are many more options available. For instance, in Lakewood, New Jersey, their is a non Jewish technical school which has separate classes for Bais Yaakov girls to learn nursing. Shmuel attends Towson Universities night program on a special joint fully credited program with his Yeshiva. Andrew goes to a credited Yeshiva in Israel for a year and then finishes his degree at the local college. Instead of waisting precious time, he has gained a tremendous knowledge of Jewish traditions and has decided to go into a career in teaching. In the end, he has a choice to return to the local college or simply stay in Yeshiva another three years and receive a Rabbinical degree. With this Rabbinical degree, he is able to get a job teaching Hebrew studies. At night while teaching, he slowly works on upgrading the Rabbinical degree to a masters in education.

My friends, there are so many options but only when Hashem comes first in the decision making process does one find success. Too many young men and woman are being forced to accept the false idea that furthering their Jewish education is not being sensible and practical when it is just the opposite. Judaism teaches a person to improve their character traits, to think outside oneself, to be responsible, keep schedules, to be clean, and to think about the future. I really hope that more parents and students spend less time worrying about getting Jobs and more time being worried about blossoming these young children into finding themselves through Hashem. Then, if it is Hashem’s will, they become doctors, computer programmers, accountants and very successful businessmen who don’t switch careers every five years of their life because instead of taking empty credit classes, they simply found themselves first.

Have we forgotten the meaning of true sucess?


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