April 10, 2006

The Very First Blog, Why is Reb Moshe Blogging

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Hello everyone,

Most people want to start a blog for their own personal needs. This blog is for you as I truly have no desire for myself to create one. I first started this journey by researching webmaster forums to deside what exactly a blog is. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think I have ever really read a blog before. Maybe I have been in the dark here but when I searched the webmaster forums it said, blogs are for people who don’t know how to create websites and forums. I thought to myself, this is true, a blog is beneith me as I have been creating websites for 10 years but then I thought again, this is what people like, this is what people want. This is what I must do.

The other thoughts that ran through my brain were.
-They don’t want to know my daily wars
-I’ll be holding back a lot, lol
-How will I have time
-This is no way should take the place of writing normal divar Torahs
-Oh my how many crazy goyim will begin to post on my blog
-It can’t be any worse then when I made a forum 4 years ago
-Why do people care about someone’s personal daily thoughts

My final thought.
-This is a really good idea. People will communicate more about the website and its teachings. The site will be more interactive, it will improve, I will make many new friends and people will feel a part of my life, why they want this, I don’t know but they will feel it and it will be a GOOD THING.

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  1. Shalomi,
    It’s my first blog.
    I will try to combine my spiritual purification for Pesach with cleaning-up the appartment.
    Also,I will keep praying for Reb.Moshe’s car and now new prayer request – new laptop.
    Anyway,I think that car has to be first priority because he can get out of house more and to have rest from computers.

    Comment by Viktor — April 12, 2006 @ 1:16 pm

  2. Good point Victor but the laptop is for use while out with the car so I can work on the sefarim. You should ask my friends here, If they want to hang out somewhere, I bring the video camera to do a Torah Video.

    How is the weather there in Ukraine my dear friend? You know folks, Victor is a holy Jew out there in the sticks of Ukraine. No shul for hundreds of miles but he looks to Hashem for light and holiness. When Hashem said, I am going to spread you to the 4 corners of the earth, He wasn’t joking. Now its time we all returned to Jeruslayim!

    Comment by moshes — April 12, 2006 @ 2:14 pm

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