August 24, 2017

A Silent Cry, Part 4

Filed under: Blog Torah — Reb Moshe @ 1:18 am

When does it stop, the confusion, the grief of the unknown. We all can pretend to have faith but is our faith real when we fear for what tomorrow will bring? Will I have a good night sleep? How will I feel? Will I be confronted with tests that take the very life out of me? Tomorrow is not really tomorrow when I am living it now in my mind. I don’t wish to repeat the same mistakes I made tomorrow but at this moment, I am still without a new plan and even if I did plan, would it come to fruition? Hashem, from where will my help come? It says that in suffering is relief. The only relief I feel is when I speak to You wholeheartedly, but I am rarely answered in ways I can perceive. So, I repeat, from where will my help come?

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