February 23, 2016

Purim katan

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Purim katan… it is a sign and reminder to increase and prepare ourselves from the coming holiday in 30 days. So what do we do today? We reflect upon the idea of bringing more joy into our life. We don’t have to but it’s good to eat more festively today. No other halachas are required.so that’s what the shulchan aruch says…. but what would chassidus tell us… hmmm
Hashem wants to remind us that Judaism isn’t supposed to feel heavy and a burden. The joy leading up to any holiday and it’s preparation is the holiday itself. Every day of adar is like a purim. Every day of the week has a taste of shabbos. So Hashem is teaching us, you know how you bring more joy in your life? You prepare. You want to rid yourself of depression, you prepare yourself for something sweet. Put all your energy and frustration into preparing for a mitzvah done to its fullest. The joy of any mitzvah is its preparation. The day itself will come and go but all your hard work lives on forever inside you. You can’t experience that which you don’t work for. So what is true joy? Sharing what you prepared with others. Purim is about sharing, hence we have mishalach manos. So give joy to others and you too will experience so much more. Blessings happy purim.

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