September 6, 2006

Vort in Jerushalayim

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Today my friend Chezy had a Vort, engagement celebration in Jerusalem. The family and I hopped into the car and drove down, making a stop over at the Jerusalem zoo. Okay, so I did a Torah Video at the zoo… I am adicted to teaching Torah… There should be support group for families like this! Anyways, I can’t believe I didn’t get lost on the way. In Israel, there aren’t that many roads that go north to south so if you wing it… you usually find your way. I am glad to report that I made it there and back in one tank of petrol, 40miles per gallon.. go “beast”, that is what I call the new “auto”, as they say it in “Hebrew”. It is usually not my way to travel in Jerusalem and not visit the Kotel. Over the years that I have spent learning in Jerusalem or visiting… I almost never miss a day of visiting the Kotel but we were on the other side of the city with children past there bedtime.

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