September 4, 2006

Computer Power & Car repairs

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I was all excited to be doing lots of videos but I burnt out my old computers. My external drive is now currupt so it is being taken in to save the data and I have to buy a new one. In Israel a harddrive will cost me almost $180 but I have no choice but to get one immmediately. My monitor, I have to hit it now so it will go on. It is very hard to work like this. Gas prices are about $4.50 a gallon here and I live around mountains so the Torah Videos are now costing me a lot on gas. After buying the car, I see that it is very nice but it needs about $1000 put into it next month. I see a bad oil leak, new mufler, plugs and a tuneup are in order. I am warming up to the clutch after 8 years of automatics. I have kind of a heavy foot you know and this is a 2 liter turbo so it has given me a bit of an emotinal boost. When you are driving, you can have so many thoughts of kedusha, really! Here you are totally alone surrounded by beautiful music played by 4-6 speakers while enjoying scenic vistas. Ah, I love it!

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