May 19, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Grace

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Grace

1. A segulah for grace is to study torah while standing up.
2. If you do things hurried, you don’t always do them gracefully.
3. Being careful to be cleanly, helps a person to be graceful.
4. Connecting to the Tzaddik helps a person to have grace in their life.
5. If you are nervous, you will make mistakes and not act gracefully.
6. Happiness leads to doing things with grace.
7. If you over think something, you can cause the outcome to end ungracefully.
8. Daat, understanding helps a person to perform acts with grace.
9. Graceful people are blessed with many friends.
10. When the Shechinah is with you, everything you do is with grace.
11. Grace doesn’t always mean the outcome will be successful.
12. If you do things out of panic and desperation, the outcome will surely not be one of grace.
13. Exercising and keeping fit help a person to do things gracefully.
14. Prayer leads a person to acting graceful in all things.
15. The Torah is grace.
16. Realizing that everything comes from Hashem helps a person to live gracefully and happily.
17. Good smells help a person to be graceful.
18. Immersion in the mikvah gives gracefulness.

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