May 18, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Memory

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Memory

1. The Torah that you learn here but forget should not worry you so much as it will be reminded to you in the next world.
2. A persons brain can retain more and more information should they be pure in thought.
3. Olive oil is a segulah for improving memory.
4. If your humble, your memory improves and can keep endless information.
5. Secular wisdom that is useless, clogs ones memory and thoughts of purity.
6. Should you keep a healthy diet, your memory and mind become more clear.
7. Stress and anxiety leads to forgetfulness.
8. The more Torah you study, the greater your memory will become and the more information you can hold inside your mind.
9. Worry leads to forgetfulness.
10. Eating with kavanah, reciting the blessings before and after meals with proper intentions leads to a vibrant memory.
11. Exercise helps a person to have a good memory and positive thoughts.
12. Forgetting things can help a person to put the past behind them so they are not haunted by their mistakes.
13. It is important to always remember the tefillin you are wearing and not forget you have them on.
14. Being near Tzaddikim restores your memory.
15. If you can’t remember things and you start to write them down regularly, eventually it will assist you in not forgetting in the first place and you won’t even need to take notes any longer.
16. A person who is organized with their life, possessions and schedule, has an easier time remembering things.
17. A quite place has the ability to help a person remember.
18. If you utilize your memory often to perform certain tasks, it will improve it and you will be able to recall matters very quickly.

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