May 18, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Success

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Success

1. Your friends success should feel like your own.
2. A person is successful when other people study their Torah’s.
3. Till a person has children the age of chinuch, they don’t really have a successful life as teaching ones children and passing on the tradition of yiddishkite is what true completion of soul is all about.
4. A non Jew judges his success on what material things he has accumulated and the honors he has received. A Jew looks at what sefarim he has completed and his families portion in Torah and observance.
5. You can judge your success by the people you know and keep company with.
6. Only you and Hashem know your real attainments and merits.
7. The greatest success is when you have brought people back to Hashem and they perform many commandments which are then liken to your own merits.
8. When you care more about the Shechinah and her success then your own, then you know you have reached a pure level.
9. If your only worried about serving Hashem and not yourself, Hashem Himself will take care of your life that everything you do will be completed with grace and success.
10. Many people rely upon a person who is successful, that is for his financial or spiritual support.
11. The more successful you are, the more responsibilities you have.
12. You can’t be so successful if you haven’t yet reached Yiras Hashem.
13. Your limiting your attainments when you have pride after you accomplish things successfully.
14. Some people become depressed even after they have become successful, this is because their reasoning’s were not completely pure when performing the mitzvos and tasks.
15. If you give charity while performing a task, then it will surely be successful.
16. What is successful to one person may not be considered success to someone else. Therefore, don’t judge yourself based on other peoples opinions of success but base them upon your own goals and level.
17. If you attained many things but you still don’t know how to love others, you have attained nothing.
18. Share your success with others, otherwise, you truly can’t enjoy it.

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