May 18, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Evil Thoughts

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Evil Thoughts

1. Evil thoughts come from food not recited with a proper blessing and who’s kosherous is questionable.
2. If you have an improper thought, the best thing is to change it quickly and not pay so much attention to it.
3. You have this wrongful thought in order to elevate it and remove it from the improper husks. It may not even be from the source of your soul, so just cast it off and thereby elevate it.
4. If we didn’t have an occasional bad thought, we wouldn’t appreciate the good thoughts we have as much.
5. A person who fears their thoughts lacks self confidence
6. Dwelling on an improper thought is like performing it. Ushering it away is synonymous to performing a good deed.
7. A person who is happy doesn’t incorporate the evil thoughts that come so he barely notices them and they are instantly elevated.
8. When faced with improper thoughts you can get rid of, perform a positive commandment and soon it will go away.
9. Hashem might have given us evil thoughts to test us with but he also gave us good thoughts to overcome them with.
10. Saying Shema and tehillim are great antidotes for confusing thoughts.
11. Thinking of fear of Hashem removes evil thoughts.
12. Evil thoughts and intentions are brought to the sage while he is praying in order for him to elevate them and remove them from the souls of others.
13. If you allow yourself to see something improper, it leads to evil thoughts coming to you later that day.
14. The sage that is near you doesn’t see that actual bad thought that you have, he just feels your soul slipping from kedusha. Fear not, it is better to be in his presence where he can help you then alone to fight it off by yourself.
15. Anxiety leads to external thoughts attacking you endlessly.
16. If you switch places, you might find the evil thoughts going away just from this simple action.
17. Should you surround yourself with holy people, you will find yourself having less negative thoughts.
18. Keeping shabbos and yom tov properly, removes negative thoughts and their performance from your mind.

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