May 15, 2014

Sefer Yom Leyom, Sweetening judgment

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Sefer Yom Leyom, Sweetening judgment

1. Meditating on YKVK in white letters with the nikud of segel, sweetens judgment.
2. Immersing in the mikvah and being under the water a long time breaks evil decrees.
3. Happiness in what Hashem has given you, sweetens judgment.
4. Giving charity removes harsh decrees and brings you peace with your fellow man.
5. Saying the Psalms is the most valuable thing for sweetening judgment. It is best to say it after chatzos or during the daytime.
6. The Tikkun HaKlali, General Remedy is a great tikkun for the soul and removes the heaviness sins place on your body.
7. Dancing removes harsh decrees, elevating the Sefiros of Netzach and Hod to Binah.
8. Eating your meals at the table, fights all decrees that were written against you and Klal Yisrael.
9. Singing pure nigunim connects you to the Shechinah and sweetens judgment.
10. Going to the Diktat purposely to be in his presence, removes decrees.
11. Praying at the holy graves of Tzaddikim, removes judgment from your soul.
12. Giving to others can save your soul.
13. When being faced with sin and turning away, earns you a second chance and sweetens any current judgment against you.
14. Making a new beginning throughout the day after you fall down spiritually, sweetens judgment and leads to repentance.
15. A person can do many sins but until they speak loshon hara against another Jew, they are able to slip under the radar of judgment until they eventually repent on their own. However, the second they speak loshon hara, they are judged that evening.
16. If you make sure to be at peace with others, you will also have peace in Heaven. Always seek compromises and peace.
17. When you have anger, you increase the judgments against you.
18. Waking up at midnight to pray and study Torah removes ALL judgments against our National, it goes without saying, your own soul.

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