August 29, 2006

New Videos & transportation

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Well I shouldn’t have; then again, I had too. I bought a used car so I could do more videos by kevarim and of torah taught in the hillsides of Tzfat. I owe quite a bit to the friendly and kind people at visa. I many not sleep well until its paid back but now I have for you, already in the first day, 2 new videos which should be up soon. I also took the liberty of taking the new videos to an all new level of teaching Torah to the masses today.

Please forward my website to everyone you know and lets get this material out there to the people. If anyone wants to sponcer advertising, fuel, or anything to keep these projects and me (the one who is fighting off the evil to complete them), let me know. Also, receiving possitive feedback from you gives me such a feeling of warmth that it is simular to me as licking a cone of soft icecream on a hot smeltering day.

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